Whatever the age, seniors are much more active today, even into their 80’s and 90’s. Thus, it is not surprising that foot, knee and back issues can arise.

 Foot problems in seniors do not usually develop because of old age, rather they occur due to the accumulated effects of poor biomechanics inherited from one or both parents.  For example, thick nails, bunions, hammer toes, corns and calluses, progress slowly from childhood to the senior years. 

Imagine walking for a few days in poor fitting shoes. The first hours you may notice an annoying rubbing. Then the annoyance becomes an extremely painful blister or blood blister. 

Now imagine walking an average of 10,000 steps per day over 50, 60, or 70 years on mechanically poor functioning feet. Corns, calluses, bunions, hammer toes, heel spurs, arthritic pains. These are the results over time from poorly functioning feet and gait. 

You may also be noticing the beginnings of the long term effects of diseases such as Diabetes or declining circulation in the legs and feet. 

Example, excessive pain or numbness, chronically dry skin, muscle weakness, cold feet or night cramps/restless legs or swollen feet and ankles. 

Declining vision or an arthritic back may prevent you from managing otherwise normal feet.

These issues can if not monitored and addressed, lead to a cascade of unfortunate situations:

foot* Senior with foot, knee or back pain

* Causes decreased mobility

* Develop muscle weakness and increased  stiffness, delayed   remobilization

* Develop increased risks for falls, injuries or even hip fracture

* Now, there is an even longer period of pain and therapeutic rehabilitation

    * A crossroad! Possible institutionalization or long term care facility

    * Loss of independence

These progressions most often need not occur. Most foot problems can be resolved or improved when you are partnered with the proper practitioner and therapies. An active lifestyle can strengthen your heart and lungs, enhance your circulation preventing heart attacks and strokes. It can reduce obesity and high blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels. It can also reduce the effects of stress and anxiety. It can reduce boney tissue decay and arthritic pain.

Now you have arrived at the fifty plus years.  You may have one or several foot problems, which have taken years to establish and are not reversible. Aggressive surgical corrections can often be unsuccessful and come with painful recovery and long periods of limited mobility.  It is time to seek help for the aches and pains.  Who is qualified to treat your problems?


Chiropody is a 3 1/2 year post-graduate program in podiatric medicine, pharmacology, diabetes related foot care, therapy and education, biomechanics, sports medicine, surgery’s, orthotic manufacture and therapy, paediatric mechanics, geriatric  mobility and gait analytics.

Chiropody as a profession and by degree, is the only profession armed with an underlying Functional Lower Extremity Biomechanics core.

Various allied healthcare professions provide some basic foot care. These individuals possess very basic skills training of 48 hours. In contrast chiropodists like physicians and dentists are primary healthcare providers.

James E. FitzPatrick D.Ch. Chiropodist has been practicing podiatric medicine for 18 years in Toronto. He is the owner and senior associate of torontofootcare.com.  James has had 17 years’ experience as a nurse before returning to study chiropody 21 years ago.

At torontofootcare.com you can expect a full medical treatment of your nails, corns, calluses and other foot issues.

Antibiotics are prescribed when necessary for infections of the feet, antifungals where required and pain medication for injuries, strains or post surgical.  We do provide partial or complete permanent nail removals for chronic ingrown nails.

At torontofootcare.com not only are we dedicated to providing exemplary foot care, safety and hygiene always come first.

 Every Instrument is put through a strict sterilization regimen which includes:

  • Individual cleaning of each Instrument

  • Ultrasonic bath timed method

  • Instruments are then individually placed in sterilization packages, sealed and put through a stringent cleansing process using our pressurized autoclave sterilization unit

Rest assure, we follow these procedures to the letter to ensure that there is no risk of cross-contamination to our patients. Our patients’ health and wellbeing are always first and foremost.

Other healthcare providers use a liquid cleanser which is capable of sterilization only after 24 hours of submersion, not instantaneously between treatments.  The College of Chiropodists of Ontario holds its practitioners to the highest standards in healthcare. Failure to comply could result in license revocation.

All patients receive an individual (one time use only) foot soak with your choice of scented or unscented salts, oils or foams.


Everyone deserves to be pampered; why not pamper yourself with our Deluxe Spa Treatment.

It all begins with a luxurious foot soak (one time use only), with your choice of scented or unscented salts, essential oils and foams. Step 2 is your nail, corns and callus care followed by your feet then being dipped into a hot relaxing liquid wax several times, to form a thick hot layer.  The feet are then wrapped and left for 15 to 20 minutes of magical deep heat which penetrates down to those aching joints. This warmth also enhances circulation to the feet. The wax is also used as a therapeutic treatment for arthritis and muscular pain.  The spa concludes with a foot massage, which includes your choice of various deluxe foot creams.

Please Note:   The Spa Deluxe Treatment takes approximately 50 to 55 minutes; therefore, you must request the ‘Deluxe’ when scheduling your appointment.  This is to ensure that we are as punctual as possible for you and others.

Remember, We Are Obligated To:

  •  Relieve your foot pain

  • Manage your diabetes related foot problems

  • Mindfully manage feet with circulatory deficiencies

  • Safely manage thickened, fungal or ingrown nails

  • Cautiously remove your calluses and corns completely

  • Eliminate foot infections and/or refer you to a hospital for more intensive treatments

  • Keep you mobile

  • We take your foot care very seriously.

It is both an honor and our pleasure to treat yours and your family’s feet.


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Our Promise To You

Our priority is your comfort and satisfaction. Based on your specific foot concern, we conduct a complete lower limb and foot exam, and provide you with a treatment plan that is right for you. We strive to resolve your foot problem so that you can be back on your feet as soon as possible.

List of Services

We medically treat any concern you have with your feet, from infections to foot pain to chronic diseases. We also provide foot care to children, and adults.

Routine Nail Care
Callus Debridement
Corn Removal

Patient Education
Seniors’ Custom Orthotics
Support & Preserve Mobility